Problems with Poineer AV RECEIVER VSX-524


Feb 6, 2016
Soo I want to connect my Speakers to tv with receiver and hdmi cable. And I don't understand why when i try to go to menu it doesnt show up. i did a factory reset on it too. And, im going to tell you what is going to: speakers are connected on receiver, hdmi connects to receiver and to tv, you press menu and turn on something(dont remember what) and that should make it work. (at least that i know). My CD/DVD player is connected in my receiver (not though HDMI) And as much as i know when i connect my tv with receiver it should show the menu on it when i chnage the source ( for me it doesnt). Soo i really need help with that!!!!!
Oh, Thank You for replying, but I already figured it out... I just connected them both with optical audio cable... Thats it!