Problems with wifi in compaq presario 1500T


Nov 28, 2010
My friend wanted me to reinstall windows on his old compaq presario 1500T. I did that and everything but now trying to get the wifi to work. its a wireless lan w200. He didn't use the laptop for a while so not sure if its broken or some driver problem. I went to the hp site and downloaded all the drives they had but still cant get it to work. It says to press fn + f2 to turn on and off. I do that and I hear a windows sound but still does not work. Says that the light should be on when I do this but its not. Does this mean its broken or is it something else? thanks
Hello leonnee;

Can you see a wireless adapter in the Device Manager?
Are there any yellow or red question marks or warning flags there or elsewhere in Device Manager?
From Start Menu choose Control Panel. Click on the Performance and Maintenance link. Or choose the System Icon.

(see yellow question marks on other devices)