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Mar 7, 2015
I have Marantz SR 5003 AVR (focal point of my "old" home theatre), however, i recenty have bought Usher R 1.5 power amp and Audio Research LS15 pre-amp. And since then, i am only using stereo capabilities of the system. However, i was wondering if i can achive more- suuround sound when watching movies? Currently the system is set in the way that Marantz AVR is used as "media center" for digital sources such as SAtelitte receiver, PC, DVD player. Pure audio sources such as turtable coonected to preamp Marantz through PreOut sends signal to Preamp and preamp contols power Amp; stereo speakers Usher Compass dancer.
Can I connect additional central.and rear speakers to Marantz to ahieve surround sound when watching movies from DVD?
Or am i on the wrong track?
Thank you


Is it possible? Yes you can mix them. For music I would just use the Usher amp(based on a Nelson Pass power amp of better quality) and the Audio Research.

I would avoid using the Marantz as the pre-amp for music because you have a good quality pre amp in the AR(for a turntable as example). SO the AR should be separate from the signal path from the AVR. AVR IMHO shouldn't be used for music depending on your speakers, source material and etc when you have a good pre amp and amp. Most AVRs are pretty suspect when it comes to specs for the amps.

Since the AVR has preouts for surround you can use your amp to drive two speakers and use the AVR for the other channels. For movies, the center channel is most important followed by the front mains. The AVR has all of the appropriate connections for surround so you should be fine.

I have good quality analog, digital, amps and etc in my house using a few different setups. Some purely for music, some for a mix of movies, music and gaming.
For my mix of movies, gaming and music mix, I found the Outlaw Audio surround preamp: an excellent product for mixing analog and digital sources(for my Home theatre/gaming man cave room). Of course this is just a preamp so amps will be required to power the speakers.

Really this comes down to speakers. What speakers are you using. Speakers should be the most important consideraton. They have the hardest job.
Crappy speakers with good electronics won't sound good.

Happy listening, the Prisoner


Mar 7, 2015
Many tks, and sorry for late response.
I do not use Marantz as the pre-amp for music. My turntable (via Tango MK3 phono stage) is connected to Audio Research, thank to USHER amp, same with the CD player (Apollo).

My speakers are USHER CP-8571 Diamond, I find them really good.

Marentz is there to bring the signal from DVD player, Satellite/cable receiver and PC.
It is connected via PRE-OUT to Audio Research, and than USHER powers all.

I have in addition (but all in storage, not used, as I was not sure would it be compatible) : old floorstanding KEF Q30 speakers, KEF's active subwoofer (do not remember model) and Pioneer's central speaker (but this is really poor quality central speaker).

So, if I understand you well, I should connect Central speaker (probably buy much better one than current) to Marantz, KEF's floor standing speakers as "back" speaker for home theatre and that would work?

Thanks again

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