PS VR2 could be great — but it already has some problems

Feb 10, 2023
It's clear why It's not compatible with PC, otherwise it would be like shooting themselves in the leg: they need to sell consoles.

But things like not letting the user unplug a cable (that will obviously break in no time) shouldn't be allowed. It's like if when buying a tv, the hdmi cable came inbuilt, and if it breaks you need to throw the tv or send it to repair. Makes no sense.
They shouldn't be allowed to sell something like this, no excuse.


Feb 3, 2009
I couldn't do a Quest after getting used to a Reverb G2 on PC. There will be a point where resolution don't matter and the PSVR may have exceeded it. But up to that point I'm not sure people are willing to do cheaper alternatives. Some will, but the market will be small until then. I wish them luck on their hardware.