News PS5 and Xbox Series X will be great for PC gamers — here’s why

Aug 30, 2020
I think this article is continuing to mislead about the SSD and GPUs in the new consoles.

The SSDs themselves are nothing special - consumer PCI-e4 NVME drives with 5.2GB/s bandwidth have been readily available for a year now and much faster (10-15GB/s) PCI-e card drives sit above these. The way the SSDs will interface directly with the GDDR will possibly bring more improvements more so than the raw bandwidth.

The GPUs may not have a direct analogue in the current world but they'll sit somewhere between the current AMD gen and the soon to be released RDNA2. Most reports would be generous if the console GPUs will have all of the features of RDNA2. They'll also not likely compete with the high Nvidia offerings of current/last gen.

What the consoles do deserve credit for though is packaging all of these components in a easy and economical way for the masses. It brings the floor up, not the ceiling. Don't get your head spun by marketing.