News PS5 bundles are bad for scalpers — and for gamers


Sep 9, 2015
And in other news water is wet.

What a waste of time an article likely written just to show a few ads.

Everyone wants to make money...even you.

Bundles are a long time give me with new console launch and the fact that it deters scalpers is quite a good revelation.

LLike your useless article already concluded bundles suck (always have) but they are a common occurrence around these things AND they have the added benefit of having you getting something for 50% more of your money vs paying upwards of double for literally nothing extra.

Me? I'm either getting the console itself on its own exactly as it is or I'm waiting. I'm not that inpatient like so many others but for those that are bundles are likely a God send.

I myself am quite good at landing the consoles (or other hot tech items like the recent pc gpu / cpu craze) and have gotten all of them this past year without issue.

Don't get me wrong it took hard work and lots of prep but I didn't go in ignorant to the fact that it would literally be a battle / race the moment any of them were available and taking steps like prefilling Google autofill, logging in automatically as much as possible to all sources, as well as having tapped into as many sources of notifications of new availability as possible.

SSome like the Xboxes I landed at first availability by knowing sources like likley less hit than Walmart or best buy. With ps5 I was taken back by the early launch of preorders and missed the first go round that day but thanks to tapping into many of the alert accounts worth a darn (Wario) I landed one from Amazon who ended up going live much later in the day.

For the gpu scene I knew it would be even more cut throat so my prep there was a couple weeks of building sources for notifications as well as even setting up my very own web refresh tools with discord notifications through my own server.

I even had a constant running web refresh tool running on my android phone with dozens of sites refreshed every minute.

All this is to say if you don't want to pay for bundles you don't have to you can either do like myself and invest the time to secure the yourself or you could pay someone to do all the work for you (ie a scalper).

People either need to step up and be ready or expect others who are willing to do the work to make you pay one way or the other.

At least with the bundles your getting a win win (no work and some actual products for your extra costs).

Jan 11, 2021
You have flawed and 1 dimensional arguments for this.
People who play single player games most definitely can use 2 controllers. When 1 dies you got a fresh one waiting. It's probably a guaranteed thing that if you have a console you have 2 controllers.

Spider-man and Demon's Souls are 2 of the hottest games launching for PS5.

Also idk which bundle you're talking about, but the ones I saw at GameStop didn't come with a GameStop credit but with PS+ subscription. 1 came with $100 PSN credit instead of the games. 2 came with a PS Camera and the other with a headset. So these are things people would buy with their new console anyway. But it's all in one bundle that GameStop conveniently let's you pay for in monthly payments. So they help the gamer with convenience.

But eitherway, screw GameStop.
Jan 15, 2021
I couldn't disagree more with the idea that bundles are bad for gamers. First of all, no one forces you to buy a bundle and even then, often there are mutliple bundles available. I even know people who wait for bundles and special editions.

It all depends on the type of bundle of course, and some retailers might offer bad bundles. But I bought my PS4 at launch in a bundle that came with a second controller and Killzone: Shadow Fall for $499 where as buying the game and a second controller seperately would have made the total cost $518, so at launch I had a $19 advantage! The same for my Switch, I waited until a special edition bundles with Super Smash Bros was released before I bought one, en even this special edition saved me a few bucks instead of buying the two items sperately. Same story for my Xbox, I bought the white special edition one bundled with Sunset Overdrive for a cheaper price than when I would have just bought a regular Xbox One and the game.

I've even seen retailers bundle a console with like 4 or more games without a significant price increase, or even throw in an extra free game to an alrzady existing bundle, during holiday season and stuff like that, so why the hell would you complain as a consumer??

Seriously, gaming journalists have to whine and bitch about everything these days...