News PS5 just got a big backwards compatibility boost


Dec 15, 2016
Uhm.. no it didn't. How many games will that add to the list? How many of those games will actually be ones people want to play? 10? 15?

There's no reason whatsoever that the ps5 isn't fully backwards compatible with the ps4 without devs needing to do extra. If Microsoft can enhance games, in some cases significantly then Sony should be able to get games to run as they ran on PS4.

It's still pc hardware and yes the GPU architecture has changed in both systems but I'm sure AMD could have helped with compatibility.

I'll end up buying both consoles, I have bought all of them since the Saturn on launch day but this time around... I'm probably going to buy just the series x at launch. Sony is going to have to have something huge that we don't know about to change my mind.

I'm primarily a PC gamer but I like consoles too, especially because cheating in mp games is almost impossible but Sony has underwhelmed me thus far. It's starting to feel like the PS3 all over again.

Yes that unreal demo was good but it would have been better on the series x or PC. Yes Sony designed a great SSD on paper but drives never reach their spec speed in the real world and an SSD isn't going to make up for the difference in hardware power especially when the Xbox also has an SSD and it's fast enough to instant resume multiple games with no load times and will be fast enough to do exactly what Cerny talked about in regards to loading data on demand... These are nvme drives not sata3 SSD's or HDD's.