News PS5 will crush Xbox Series X and S in sales — here’s why

Feb 27, 2020
Let put it this way. If Sony doesnt beat xbox in sales again they've done something really wrong. They have a massive regional sales advantage in areas the Xbox just doesn't sell. Not only that but there's a huge media and industry bias towards PlayStation and they have a much bigger user base than Xbox. Tbh if they don't double Xbox sales again they've failed hard. They have absolutely every advantage in that area so there no excuse for them. Having said all that Xbox is the over all superior platform. More powerful, better eco system, much better bc catalog, better bc enhancements, better features which Sony copied almost all of them so they must think so too and as it stands right now in spite of what the Sony biased industry wants you to believe Xbox actually has more exclusive games coming than PlayStation..think about all the things Sony has stolen from Xbox, achievements, BC, 2 sku's, haptic triggers, 3d audio, smart delivery, putting games on pc, a gamepass like game collection for ps5 buyers, using MS azure cloud for their streaming.....these are all things that would have set xbox sorry from playstation but sony has no pride and steals them all. Bragging about PS beating Xbox in sales is like bragging that you won a footrace against a dude with one's not impressive
Nov 13, 2020
XBOX Series X is way better console and GamePass subscription is already one of the best offerings that has been offered so far! I was a PS4 user before but I switched to XBOX this time around. I feel Sony has lost it's magic touch, while Xbox is able to give the best platform, ecosystem and pricing. I feel Sony will have a tough time competing with that.
Also, I have been using Xcloud on my tablet and it's been worth the subscription cost for GamePass since it's platform agnostic.