Question Question about GSM 6.10 codec...

Sep 19, 2021

I must confess I have a strange attitude to document all my projects by audio and try to use the smallest amount of bytes for my vocal documentation. This is because I'm involved in microcontrollers and low storage capacity.
My all favourite audio device is (next to audacity) the old winxp sound recorder.
It still runs on my Windows 10 computer.
To get the lowest footprint I use the GSM 6.10 code with 1kB/sec. This is a very good codec.
But, somehow a strange sweeping sound effect is added to it.
Until recent I managed to get rid of it by disabling some audio driver which asked for restart of te computer but don't do it.
As from the latest Windows update I guess it does not work anymore. As soon I disable some option the record button on the winxp recorder fades out.
I think this sweeping sound effect has to do with sound compression.
I'm using the Logitech HD 1080p camera microphone.

Can somebody tell me what this sweeping sound effect is and how to switch it off to get again clear recorded audio?

Thanks in advance,
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