Question Questions About Google Home App Settings


Feb 2, 2021
My questions are more out of curiosity. I recently setup a new Google account to replace my old Google account. After setting up my new Google account, I decided to factory reset my smartphone, smartwatch, and Google Home Speaker, add my new account and start fresh. With the Google Home app, I setup Spotify as my preferred music service, applied my preferred accent for Google Assistant's voice, and, applied my preferred payment method. I ran into some issues with my phone and did a factory reset on it. I noticed after factory resetting my phone and re-installing the Home app that during the setup process on the Home app, that the mentioned music, Assistant voice, and payment preferences were already applied when I registered my Google account into the app. Out of curiosity, I again factory reset my Home Speaker and reset the Home app to like-new settings, began the setup and installation process again, and the mentioned preferences were already applied when I registered my Google account. Now my question is, if I either factory reset an existing Android device such a smartphone or Google Home Speaker or purchased a new smartphone, Home Speaker, or any similar Android-compatible device, installed the Home App, and registered my Google account, would those mentioned preferences be automatically applied? Also, if I either factory reset an existing Android device or bought a new Android device and installed the Home App or some other similar Google app , would the app automatically apply settings and preferences in the app's settings that are related to my Google account, but leave other app and device related settings at or back at their factory default settings?

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