Question Questions About Text Messages When Transferring to a New Smartphone


Feb 2, 2021
I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. Within the next 12 months, I plan to replace my smartphone. I am currently considering whether to stick with Android or switch to Apple and will make my decision by this summer. If I decide to stick with Android, I may go with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (or whatever replaces the Galaxy S23 Ultra) or Galaxy Z Fold 5 (or whatever replaces the Galaxy Z Fold 4) or the Google Pixel 7a (or whatever replaces the Pixel 7). If I decide to switch to Apple, I will wait until the iPhone 15 (or whatever replaces the iPhone 14) is released and then decide between the iPhone 14 and its successor. Now, if I stick with Android, backup my account settings and apps to the Google or Android backup service and register my account on and download my data to the replacement Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy Z or Google Pixel smartphone, or, if applicable, transfer my account, apps, and settings directly from my current smartphone to any of the mentioned replacement Android smartphones either by wired or wireless connection, will my text messages and custom notification activation and sound settings for those messages transfer to the replacement smartphone or will it just be the text messages and the text message settings revert to their default settings on the replacement smartphone? Also, incase I do switch to Apple for a replacement smartphone, I assume I can't transfer notification settings and other settings related to text messages from Android to Apple, but can I at least transfer my text message conversations between the two operating systems?

Thanks in advance.
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