Quick fix for wireless hardware issues? (Asus windows 10)

Nov 26, 2018
My laptops been having issues for a while--I'm 90% sure I somehow got a virus on it, because it had slowed down to the point where I could barely boot up without it freezing before the desktop even loaded. I tried a full reset except keeping my files, didn't work, saved my files somewhere else and did a full factory reset, which mostly worked.

Except it didn't fix another issue I've been having for a while with connecting to a wifi network.

The underlying issue has got to be hardware. If I go to control panel I cant reset the wireless adapter--it doesnt know it exists. I only see ethernet. When I run diagnostics, it just wants me to plug in ethernet. If I skip that step, it just ends the diagnostic tool.

In the past, when I plugged in ethernet it just closed diagnostics because it "fixed" the issue. Windows has no idea that there is a problem. If I reset the laptop enough times, it suddenly realized that the wireless adapter did in fact exist, and would connect to wifi as normal. It even remembered my passwords.

Resetting the laptop multiple times just isnt working right now. I'm assuming the hardware came loose or something? My laptop is new-ish but I guess it gets bumped around a bit when I bring it between my classes.

I'm getting a new one soon but finals week is next week and I'd like to be able to have a computer on the go (vs being confined to the library when I need a computer). Can/should I get an external wifi adapter? Can I open up the bottom and just plug something back in place? How would I do that? My dorm doesnt have an ethernet plug, unfortunately.
If the WiFi on the laptop isn't working, but the Ethernet does, then it is likely it would need replacing. So the only fix then is to have it replaced.

However, since you stated you are getting a new one soon, I don't think you want to go through the trouble of doing the work to replace it (or paying someone to do the work). The only other way you can then get WiFi access again would be to get an external WiFi card. You can usually find a cheap one that can connect via USB port.
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