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Feb 29, 2008
I am new to RadeonPro and it has a multitude of options for a few aspects of graphics settings that elude me...

First is the numerous AA settings at the Visual tab. There is the AA mode control, MLAA, FXAA and SMAA. If I am correct they are just the different types of AA available, but are they mutually exclusive? What happens if I enable FXAA or SMAA or both, with the AA mode control disabled? For FXAA there is also a 'FXAA_ANTIALIASING' option at the SweetFX tab...

And then at the bottom of the Visual tab there is Vertical sync control, but under the tweaks tab there is another VSync control for Direct3D... Does Dynamic Framerate Control require vsync to be enabled? Will it work as well with vsync enabled?

The option for Ambient Occlusion is at the Visual tab, but going into RadeonPro's settings there is another option to enable Ambient Occlusion...

Lastly, I have no idea how to control the OSD panel in game. It just appears at the center bottom of my screen and stays there...

I understand RadeonPro is a very new application so its not perfect, but looking online it seems to be a very promising solution for graphic enhancements without much impact on fps performance. I really want to get the most out of graphics in games, any help would be very much appreciated :)

edit: Is there a way to have RadeonPro passively overclock my GPU like with MSI Afterburner?
Not open for further replies.