RailDriver's wiring makes a huge mess of wires

Mar 7, 2018
I just received the RailDriver I ordered a few days ago. I want to take advantage of its built-in subwoofer. The wiring is a big mess. I need to plug in the included laptop-like power cable. I then need to plug the 3.5mm audio jack to the line-out of my computer and with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack, plug one end to the speaker pass-thru on the RailDriver and the other end to external speakers. I then need to plug the USB from the RailDriver into the computer.

I have a Surface Pro 4 connected to a Dell p2415q monitor from a Surface Dock. The monitor is connected from the Surface Dock through the included DisplayPort. I also have the Dell soundbar connected to the monitor.

I've seen in wedding halls and some other places that there are special video port boxes that you can easily plug in your equipment. Is there a similar solution to my wiring problem that I can easily connect a usb and a 3.5mm audio jack through a special box?
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