Question RAM upgrade for hp2000


Sep 8, 2013
hp2000[2013] has 4gb RAM.i want 8. i bought ddr3 it didnt seem to fit.

speccy,hardware monitor and 2 more apps i forget the names have told me my laptop AMD CPU requires ddr3 RAM.

i have had my AMD laptop open and seen with my own eyes it has ddr3L RAM in it. past experience with a dell xps 435GT intel cpu needed ddr3 or triple channel. i was mistakenly mailed ddr3L , didn't have a clue the difference mattered, blew the MOBO. So needless to say i've been in pursuit of the correct one for my well preserved laptop. Finaaly i went to and it confirmed ddr3L for my AMD, ddr3 for my mother's INTEL i5 hp2000.

found this on amazon and have ordered it already by accident. 2 questions. will this work ?

#2. what in the world does Dual Rank mean in RAM ? DDR3 & DDR3L[is that dual rank] ? or is dual rank the voltage thing ?

ok i guess 3 qustions, please.
#3. my original RAM has different numbers than one in amazon purchase ,so i DID NEED to order 2 sticks so i would get 8gb total ? correct ? did i remember that right ?

thanks for any and all help