Ran a trojan that among other things changed my partitions and I'm unable to boot.

May 7, 2018
l try to make this short, but will answer any question with highest detail possible.

I ran a trojan on my w7 OS that installed lots of shit on my computer - panic ran Microsoft security essentials quick search without luck - tried again while shit was being installed and computer froze (ram overload?) - panic shut it down and I'm now unable to boot.

It seems the trojan changed my partition names. The USB boot device also seems to have size changed as I know its a 8gb that now only shows 31mb.

I don't have any cd drive, but I have a USB with w7. A problem here is that I can't reinstall w7 as I get an error of missing cd/dvd/USB drive after pressing install windows (had this problem when I last formatted and reinstalled, but forgot it).

Therefore I took the same USB into my laptop(to try to manually add USB driver or something) which MSE immediately recognizer with something like "a threat has been detected but MSE is removing it" . I panicked again and removed the battery. I now restarted the laptop in safe mode without Internet access and I'm running a full MSE scan (still waiting for completion). It did already detect 1 trojan called something like occami b, which was in quarantine but I immediately removed it.

It seems the trojan infected my USB. Is there any way out? Do I need new drives and motherboard for my main computer? What's the risk of my laptop?

I can access command prompt and files through "load driver" from system recovery options. It's from here i realised the USB boot size and partition names have changed.

I can provide where I got the rar file which included the execution file which has the trojan if somebody securely can see what it is.

Sorry if bad formatting as I'm on my phone at the moment, the only place I dare to be online.


If your WIndows installation media is on USB, you need to change the boot device priorioty in the BIOS to boot from the USB flash drive...; if your partitions were messed up, you are probably going to be deleting them all, and doing a full reinstall. If your USB is not functioning, try a USB 2.0 or 1.0 port, we just need to read the install media flash drive.

Get the required drivers for your laptop from the laptops manufacturer...

If your hard drive's hidden OS install partition is still present, you might still be able to do a factor restore, won't hurt to try.... (I've had to occasionally disable 'Secure Boot' to be able to access the hidden reinstall partition on some laptops)

If you give me laptop manufacturer and model number, I will try to find your drivers...
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