Rasberry Pi running Ti 84 OS?


Oct 15, 2014
I've used the TI 84 OS for years and have become quite proficient with programming within the OS. However here recently I have started to notice the limitations of the calculator with a CPU frequency of a sloppy 6mhz and only 128kb of user memory (which I have used up on more than one accounts). I was wondering if the Rasberry Pi with it's 900Mhz cpu and Gb of memory would be able to run the TI 84 OS (which is downloadable from TI website) and have a much faster calculator running the same OS, for nearly a third the price.

Wabbit also has an emulator that might make configuration a bit easier.
When you download that '84 OS, what do you get? Do you get a source code you can modify?

Then, how do you intend to make a calculator out of RPi you can use in a class? Once you add the touch screen, battery, case - you've reached the TI' price.