Review Razer Blackshark V2 review

Aug 4, 2020
did someone test if with this headset it is possible to locate an enemy VERTICALLY in COD warzone (PC)?
For example if you are in the 3rd floor of a skyscraper and you hear enemy footsteps, with most headsets you can't clearly tell if the footsteps are coming from below or above, unless the enemy is walking on the roof becouse that makes a different sound on some buildings.
I got a logitech G430 which is 7.1 and surround works well for horizontally locating the enemy, but impossible to locate vertically. I read that this is a problem for most headsets but maybe with these "new" drivers and the collaboration with the game developers, they found a way to make that possible.
I fear all the talk in razors presentation of this product is just marketing hype <<edited by moderator>> like so often when they come up with gaming stuff.
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