Question Razer Blade 14 2015 Battery issues

May 9, 2019
I have Razer Blade 14 2015
One night laptop was plugged in for charging
In morning I tried to switch on laptop on battery but there was no response
I plugged in adopter power and it works
It shows 99% charged battery
As soon I remove adopter laptop shuts down immediately
I removed and reinstalled battery but nothing improved
What should I do ?
Sounds like your battery has just gone bad. It happens. If the battery had actual power, it wouldn't shut off when unplugged.

Batteries often give false charge amount readings when they are dying. If it has been lasting less and less recently (needing more and more of a charge) then I would say that is more info saying the battery is done for.

Just be sure you get an OEM battery rather than an aftermarket one. Aftermarket stuff is good for many things, but not laptop batteries. Not worth the risk.