Question Razer headset low volume

Oct 20, 2019
I recently bought a razer nari headset, it worked alright, a few weeks later it started acting up. First of all my mic would sound like a robot every 14 seconds (approximately) for 3-5 seconds, robot voice was literally timed which had me really confused, then, my surround sound stopped working so i played arround and did my research and fixed it.

The problem now: When i go to the speaker at the bottom right of my screen i can choose which speaker/headset i want to use to listen to any audio. I realized that for my razer nari i have two sets of audio to choose from, the "Game" one which allowed me to have surround sound and the "Chat". I always have my volume to 100% on my pc for everything and just manually turn it down from my headset when it gets too loud. When i go to the Game audio output setting the volume gets significantly quieter and when I switch back to Chat it goes back to normal, idk what im suppose to do, I've looked around in synapse, settings, I need help and if by any chance anyone knows how to fix my robot voice I would really appreciate that.
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