Razer Kraken Chroma issue, can hear sounds but not the calibration test sound (feels partially installed)


Jan 6, 2015
Hey guys, so i bought the new kraken 7.1 chroma but for some reason it feels partially functioning or something, when i hit calibrate now i don't hear any sound on my headset and the play function doesn't work but when i switch to my laptop speakers i do hear the calibrate sound test ( a helicopter sound) also when i change the EQ settings i don't really hear any changes even when i try custom stuff, same thing with bass boost but everything else is functioning when i game or when i play music i do hear them through the headset oh and also under devices tab (control panel) its listed as unspecified device and its not listed under the realtalk panel
i did try reinstall and deleting the drivers of synapse and tried different usb ports i dont know if this makes any different but am using a laptop

as u can see i cant hit the play button when kraken is active

play button + test function when its set on speakers