Razor USB making a weird background noise?


Jan 8, 2017
Hi! I recently got a new headset (the one in title) for recording but for some reason today after starting up my pc all I hear is this "tut tut tut" background noise


I don't know how to get rid of it and either do my friends, I've asked reddit but no replies :/ It's driving me crazy! I don't have any spare money for a new one since I got a £1700 pc, a new monitor speakers and web cam so I am now skint :( anyone know how to fix it? I read getting razor synapse and putting down the last 3 bars in EQ but it ain't working


most likely due to windows updates, infamous for causing sound driver issues.

Try opening up the Device Manager and uninstalling the sound drivers, then uninstall Razer Synapse. Download the latest version of synapse, reinstall and see how that goes.

If that does not work, sadly the only workaround is a full windows 10 reinstall.
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