Question RCA LED TV - No Backlight, No Sound, Fails Flashlight Test

Nov 17, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I have a 47" RCA LED TV Model #RLED4778A that has power (red Standby light) and will power on (blue light) but there is no picture or sound. I don't see any backlight but when I do the flashlight test it fails as I cannot see any picture with the flashlight. I have tested the voltages from the power supply to the main logic board and they seem fine. I also tested the voltages from the logic board to the LED driver board and they seem fine as well. Any ideas what it is? Could it be the mainboard and the LED strips?
I should also mention that when the TV is powered on and the blue light comes on, when I press the power button again it will not go back into standby and the blue light stays on.

This is a cheap value TV that I am trying to repair as a project but not sure what to look at next. I was thinking about checking the LED strips but will wait to see what everyone has to say since it seems there may be multiple issues with this TV.
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