Question RCA RTU6049 Help - Backlights turn Off after 10-30 minutes

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Oct 12, 2019

Im new to this forum and I'm hoping someone can help me out with my problem, I have a 60" RCA LED TV (RTU6049) that the backlights work for a little bit then they go off, if I turn the TV off then back on the backlights will work for a little bit longer.

I’ve done the flashlight test and can see an image.

I’ve checked the DC voltage to the LED's when they are working and it fluctuates from 180V to around 170V then either climbs or drops, most of the time it is around 162V, and when the lights go out the voltage is zero.

I tried changing the power/driver board, but it was still doing exactly the same with the other board (New To Me Board).

I thought that my board was faulty as the voltage was zero when the lights didn’t work, but now I'm thinking I’m wrong.
Now I’m thinking it might be a LED or 2.

I’ve checked the LED’s through the plug that plugs into the power board and I am getting 129V on each side (checked - unplugged from board and no power to TV)
Also checked each LED strip and all bulbs light up (10 Bulbs on each strip, 6 strips) (each strip is 43.5V) (looks like each LED is 4.3V)

I am not sure now when is wrong, and why it turns the backlights off, please can you give me some pointers and any help you can give me would be great.
The only thing I see is the input voltage to the LED’s a lot higher than the required Voltage to operate them.

Thank you


Oct 22, 2019
Test connector from mainboard to powerboard on powerboard side with all boards hooked up, test with tv plugged in but off then hit power, report both conditions, give pin number, pin description/name and condition both off and when you hit power on. BE VERY CAREFUL when working on powerboard the PRIMARY/HOT side has deadly voltages.
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