RCA to 6 channel stereo


Nov 25, 2013
Hi guys,

I've invested in an Eltax AVR-900 receiver, it's a 6.1 home receiver. I am planing to use it as a 7 channel stereo setup. The interface won't allow me to play all channels with stereo, but instead only a 2-channel stereo.

Now is the question, should i split the RCA cable to diffrent 7 cables an plug it directly in on the back, just to play the same stereo audio on all speakers simultaneously. I think the volume from the speakers, would be to low if the input source was to be split in 7 3.5mm plugs?

But do you guys have better ideas? Should i find some kind of adapter capable of making RCA to Toslink or something better making RCA to 7 channel stereo?

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