Realistic Clarinette 92


Feb 5, 2014
Looking for a solution for turntable not moving on Realistic Clarinette 92. We had movers transport our household good from FL to TN. The other day I tried to use the turntable and found that it would not work. I pulled the owners manual and it addressed moving the two screws on the deck to the clockwise position, which I did, but it still is not moving. I am thinking they probably did something else to protect it so it wouldn't get broken in the move. Can anyone tell me what that might be? I will appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!
The two screws you turned were probably to lock down the spring suspension of the turntable while being transported so you should have some bounce in it now.
If the turntable is a belt drive then it is likely that the belt slipped off in moving. If that is the case you should be able to put it back. You will need to remove the platter to do so. Since you have the manual check that for details. If the turntable is not belt drive it would be much more complicated to troubleshoot.