Really need help troubleshooting problem with dim screen - Please read

Shehryar Farooq

Mar 29, 2014
One day I was watching a video on my Toshiba Qosmio x770 3D laptop and decided to move around the house so i closed the laptop lid and grabbed the laptop from the battery part.. As I got to my new location, I opened the lid and saw that the lcd was completely black, but I could still hear the sound from the video... About 5 seconds after, I started to smell something burning, so I immediately took the battery out.

After that, I tried to start the laptop up again with power cord plugged in, and still the screen was black, and burning smell was still coming. The bottom part of the laptop bezel was EXTREMELY hot, and after about 2-3 minutes, I could see the metal part "warping" or "melting'..

Immediately I turned off the laptop and took apart the bezel to find that the LCD cable was MELTED and all the wires inside had melted completely together... I have no idea what caused this.

I thought that there was no option for me but to get a new cable, so I ordered a new cable with matching part number, and tried the new cable, still dim display.

Then I thought that maybe it is problem with the screen, so I went ahead and ordered a new screen also, screen arrived today, and unfortunately, the new screen is also black.

Here is a side by side picture of the sticker on the screen, the model number is a match and the screens are identical

I started searching online and learned about the flashlight trick, so I went ahead and did the flashlight trick on my new screen and I could see the BIOS menus, but very dim. I plugged my old screen in, and did the flashlight trick and I could see the bios menu on my old screen aswell, but again very dimm. This led me to conclude that maybe my old lcd was still working, so what could be the problem? If it is not the lcd cable or a new lcd screen, then what is the problem? I have not tried the laptop with an external monitor yet because I do not have an external monitor.. but I think it will work on the external monitor properly since I don't think it is a GPU problem..

Can you guys please tell me what I should try next... I do not know where the inverter board is on my screen, all I see is a big green chip at the bottom of the lcd screen, is that the inverter board? What if i replace the inverter board from my new screen with the inverter board from my old screen? But where is the inverter board? Here is a picture of my new lcd screen, where is the inverter board? I do not see it anywhere on the laptop either, I think these screens have a built in inverter ?

Help would be appreciated, thanks!
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