Realtek does not recognize Monitor Sound through HDMI.


Aug 16, 2016
Realtek just won't recognize sound from Monitor from HDMI.
Realtek can normally recognize my Headphones when I plug them in and it shows me all the settings and options, but when the default device is the Monitor's Speakers, Realtek doesn't recognize them.

Right now I have sound, I can listen from my monitor, but I want to be from realtek because..
(a rainmeter reason, if you don't know about rainmeter skip this, it doesn't really matter.)

Rainmeter visualizer detects sound, if the sound is not on 100% visualizer is also not on 100%, I usually have the sound on 20% so Rainmeter Visualizer is also on 20% of it's length.
Right now sound is on 20% and it does not animate at all.
When my Headphones are connected, Rainmeter Visualizer detects sound from Realtek(check the picture I uploaded) and even when the sound is on 20% Rainmeter Visualizer will animate on 100% of it's length.

I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall Realtek... disable sounds... changed settings on Realtek Software but nothing helped.
How to make the default Sound that comes out of my Monitor detectable from Realtek?


Dec 26, 2014
Shouldn't you have an audio cable going from your monitor to your pc to get audio from the monitor? I doubt just the hdmi cable will detect the speakers properly.
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