Question Realtek HD Audio driver Windows 10/11 issue


Jan 9, 2018
Hello guys. Today I updated to Windows 11 and I thought that maybe after the update I wont face the same problem with the audio. I have an ASUS TUF Gaming F15 for around 2 months. I have always had pretty low sound on it, even tho it has DTS X Ultra, which did not make any difference when turned on. Instead of Realtek HD Audio driver in Device Manager I have Realtek (R) Audio driver, which I do not want. I noticed that when I install Realtek HD Audio driver the sound of my speaker is significantly better and I have the option to enhance it, while when I have the Realtek (R) Audio driver, there is no option menu for enhancement in the properties of the driver. My problem is that I cannot keep the Realtek HD Audio driver, since it removes itself from device manager alone right after I instal it. I've tried several things today for 5 hours, most of which went in restarting the laptop. I have installed these files: Then I realised these are only codecs ( they didnt work out anyways ). Then I installed this: . And right after installing it I see the HD Audio driver for awhile, and then it dissapears and 5 mins after, Realtek (R) Audio driver appears on its place. I tried stopping the automatic driver update from: "My computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Hardware -> Device Installation Settings -> No. But the audio driver kept installing. I tried uninstalling it so many times, but it kept coming back. It's probably haunted, idk.. I could use some help on this, because it seems like it has some pretty easy solution, which I am unaware of.
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Mar 10, 2016
That is strange. Try installing it in Safe Mode, and when restarting, restart to Safe Mode again. Maybe that will change something.

Is this a home-built computer, or is there a manufacturer you can download the driver from instead of going directly to Intel or Realtek's websites?

And, since this is an upgrade, you can always try a clean install of Windows which does solve weird issues like this.
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