Solved! Realtek HD Audio suddenly started saying headphones unsupported (windows 7)

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Jul 19, 2017
Hi,I have an older laptop (a Toshiba Satellite A660 (2011) running windows 7 Professional) that I always have kept up to date with a Realtek Audio HD sound card, and just recently every time i've attempted to attach the headphones or external speakers to the audio jack it displays the popup message asking what device was plugged in but then it gives a notification they aren't supported, i have tried several sets of headphones and there is no obvious damage to the port, headphones have worked well for the last 6 years but have suddenly stopped, the speakers work perfectly but not the headphones, what can i do? thanks in advance for your help

UPDATE: (pun not intended!) I updated the driver and it works well now.
Not open for further replies.
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