Rear, Side, Center/Subwoofer Audio Connections To Front Audio Connection


May 29, 2014

I need to convert the rear audio wire (black colored), the side audio wire (grey/silver colored), and the center/subwoofer audio wire (orange colored) into the front/main audio wire (lime green colored).

I need this done, because I have a 7.1 gaming headset, but 2.0 speakers. My computer only reads that there is one device plugged in, because the speaker and the headset share the lime green wire with a splitter. The computer doesn't read the split, and thuse, doesn't register two device slots. Weirdly, the green wire is where my computer looks & finds audio devices.

Since the computer reads that I have other wires plugged in, (the black one, the grey one, and the orange one) it automatically sets both the headset and the speaker as surround sound devices. Once again, my computer sets both of these devices to surround sound because it thinks there is only one device plugged in.

With surround sound configured for both devices, the lime green wire doesn't get all the audio and is only left with the front portion of any sound playing. The rest of the audio is distributed between the other colored wires. Black being the back (ha it rymes), grey being sides, and orange being the center/base. I need the other wires to channel/merge into the green one so that all the audio will be in the front connection, after that my speakers will work fine.

I was going to split every connection using splitters, so that I would be able to use both my headset and my speakers.

For merging the wires.
How would it be possible?
I don't think using a bunch of splitter connecting to one wire would work... Would it?

Extra Info:
All wires are TRS & digital. The headset is a Razer Tiamat 7.1

Thanks in advanced!


If you use splitters to merge the audio then your speakers will get the full signal but you will lose the 7.1 on the headphones as you are effectively connecting all the channels together into one .
The easiest way to do it would be to have the headphones completely plugged into the back and then plug the speakers into the front when needed.However I appreciate that this is not very convenient.