Question Rear speakers dont have individual sound with new TV

Dec 9, 2020
I have a Yamaha RX-V383 and it has worked great for years. I recently hooked it up to my new Sony X90CH TV and PS5, the rear speakers no longer have individual sound, just small amount of backround sound from movies or games. On my PS4 and Mitsubishi 1080p projection TV it all worked fine.

I do the Yamaha speaker test and all 5.1 speakers fire individually, but when I try to do a sound test through the PS5, Amazon Fire TV, Bluetooth and through the actual TV, the front speaker fires when it is supposed to be the back - front left fires, center fires, front right fires, but when it goes to rear right, the front right speaker fires, then the front left speaker fires when it is supposed to be rear left firing.

It is odd because the only differerences are the new TV, the PS5, and higher end HDMI cables, and again, I did do the Yamaha test and all 5 speakers and the sub fire correctly and individually. I have seen similar issues within other threads but havent been able to get actual - individual sounds coming from rear speakers. Any help is exremely appreciated.
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