Rear Surround Placement


Apr 6, 2014
Hey guys, I need a little bit of help with setting up my surround sound speakers. I have a Samsung surround sound 5.1 home theater system, and there are two wireless speakers that came with it. The problem is, they aren't really wireless. They use some sort of wireless module that needs to be plugged into the wall in order to communicate with the bluray player.

My problem is, I simply don't have anywhere to put it. I have an open floor plan and my living room extends into multiple other rooms, meaning there is nothing behind my couch but open space. So, the only place to put the wireless module and rear surround speakers are next to the couch, which totally ruins the immersion since the speakers are both to the left of us.

This really bothers me because I spent a lot on this system and I would want everything to be perfect. Is there any way that I could perhaps get another wireless module so I could move the right-rear surround speaker to the outlet behind me? Or would y'all recommend another setup? Any advice is appreciated! (Also keep in mind, since its an open floorplan there is a lot of room behind my couch.)
The wireless module is the audio receiver and amp for the surrounds so if you get a second identical wireless module from Samsung you should be able to use them both, one for each speaker. This will give you some flexibility in placement. If there is a space under the floor (basement or crawlspace) you can run the wire down and up and still have a neat installation
Since you have a large open space and most HTib systems have small surround speakers you can't put them too far behind you since they won't play loud enough to balance with the front speakers. You can also aim them up rather than right at you.
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