Reccomendation for Wireless / Wired A/B Speaker Option thorugh JVC receiver


Sep 21, 2016
I have a JVC receiver that has A/B inputs for two sets of speakers. I have my floor speakers going through the 'A' source. What I'd like to do is have a set of wireless speakers in another room connect to the 'B' source so that I can play records with one set of wired speakers in one room and one set of speakers in another. I think that the device here ( will do the trick, but I'm asking if there is an alternative option other than this or Sonos.Thanks for any input!
The BT transmitter will work. It would connect to the tape record out of the JVC not speaker B. This is a fixed level connection so the volume of the receiver would not affect it. If you didn't have that you would need a speaker to line level adapter for the speaker B terminals. The volume of this connection would be affected by the volume of the JVC. Not as convenient to use.
If you want a stereo pair for your remote location then you can't use two separate bluetooth speakers. They have to be a stereo pair.
Sonos would work better. Easier to control. More music available too, You would need a Connect for the JVC and Sonos Play speakers for the B room. If you can afford it you will use it much much more.
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