Receiver gives no power to speakers


Feb 4, 2018
I have an old Scott 375R receiver connected to a pair of bose speakers. The receiver shows how much power is being transmitted to the speakers. It had been working fine, and now the receiver turns on and works but shows that no power is being transmitted to the speakers. I dont have any other speakers/receivers to test to see which is the problem. I may have mixed up the polarity of wiring, would this be enough to short something out? From what ive read online, it seems like that would only cause the speakers to cancel each other out and produce no sound. Any advice on what specific issues to look for would be appreciated, i really like the system and dont want to get rid of it. Ive already replaced the speaker wiring and made sure the polarity is correct, it did not fix the problem.


That Scott is 30 years old. I had one back in the '80s and it got taken out by lightning. It could be anything, but that unit should be repairable by a technician with a schematic.

They are selling for $100 on E-bay, so I wouldn't put too much money into it.
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