Receiver only playing from rear speakers, then correcting, then only playing from left front speaker?


Aug 29, 2013
I've been having trouble with my (Denon) receiver. Yesterday it abruptly started playing the front left and right audio channels through my rear left and right speakers as if they were my front ones, with increased volume and everything. I turned the receiver on and off a few times and eventually it started working correctly again. Now, today, it's abruptly stopped playing sound from the front right speaker. It will occasionally pop back in for a second. I'd assume this had to do with the speaker wire, except for its recent weirdness with the rear speakers. I reset the receiver and the problem persists. Does anyone have any ideas on what's wrong or how to fix this?
Resetting the receiver wouldn't affect the speaker wire.
The Denon receiver would be my guess. When the control or processing chips get wonky AVRs do weird things. Not a DIY repair when it can be done at a price that makes sense.
You can try contacting United Radio in Syracuse NY (if you are in the states). They do excellent service.
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