receiver remote does not turn amp on or off

Carolyn Harp

Oct 21, 2014
Remote control does turn the receiver off or on. The amp is a vsx-821-k., pioneer. The upper 2 rows of buttons do not function. The remaining buttons on the remote DO work. Certainly, I changed the batteries twice. Still no functioning from the upper two rows of buttons which include the receiver on and off and further vital functions.
Don't know what receiver you have so it's impossible to say what the issue might be. I can state that my Onkyo HT-S3200 Remote has two functions labeled, "Dock" and "Receiver". If I accidentally push the "Dock" button, I cannot use the power button on the remote to turn the receiver on and off. Only when I press the "Receiver" button will the remote control the receiver again.

You might want to check your remote/receiver to see if it has a similar function.

-Wolf sends
It is possible for often used remote buttons to go bad. If the other functions such as volume work then you could try cleaning the power buttons. Otherwise get a new one. If you can't get the original a generic substitute is usually available but make sure it doesn't omit an functions that you need as they are not always complete.