recommend an amp w/ optical input


Sep 12, 2017
I'm looking for an Amp for my TV/ computer which also plays all our music. Prefer a 2 channel with subwoofer out, low THD, and it must have an optical input. I'm looking at the (Yamaha A-S 301 2 x 60w, 0.019 THD $349.95). Does anyone know of any other comparable models? Older yamaha's with similar specs or anything similar but cheaper?
Don't use THD as a guide for what amp to get. It's not an good indicator of sound quality.
When it's really high you might like even order harmonic distortion as it adds "richness".
When it's really really low it can indicate too much feedback being used to create a low number rather than a better design. That can be "transistor" sound.
Whether the amp has the right power, stability, and sound for your speakers is most important. If you can find a used integrated amp that you like you can add an outboard DAC to it. Easier to upgrade.