Recommend audio system i should get


Oct 21, 2015
Hello, i`m kind of new to this stuff, i wont write alot. I got logitech x-230 and z523 joined up together, not enough of bass , i guess. I was about to go for z5500 or z906 but its too.. emm mahh. I would like to get an amplifier and some speakers, i guess. I like banging sound from bass, but i also want some high frequency audio. The speakers would be used for music mainly.Well also i forgot to mention is that the bass should be minimum of 200W !! RMS !! ( not peak ) and the amplifier would support 4-5channels, so i would connect bass, 2 high frequency speakers and MAYBE 1 mid . The price range is up to 350-400 £.
Best regards, Artens
Getting away from PC oriented audio makes sense if you want better quality sound.
It doesn't sound like you want to do surround sound right? So I would suggest that in your price range a pair of self powered monitors and sub is the way to go. You should check out Audio Engine, Edifier, and Whafedale
When it comes to subwoofers don't judge them by the amount of power. If one sub plays the same as loud another with half the power do you actually care about how much power it has? More power doesn't mean better quality. Also power is not measured in a standard way with subs (you already know this because you mention RMS) so it is impossible to actually compare power at all in subs.