Recommend me gaming/movie headphones similar to HD-580


Oct 21, 2011
Hello people,

Untill very recently I used to own a pair of Sennheiser HD-580 Precision headphones.
But now, after almost a decade of amazing performance, they died (bless them).
Too expensive to repair and just plain worn out.
So I recently upgraded my gaming pc and simultaneously purchased a Sound Blaster Zx and a pair of Philips Fidelio X1s.
I really liked the X1s but in the end i prefer the soundstage and comfort of Sennheisers (hey, if it aint broke..).
So i am looking for a pair of cans with a similar soundstage to the 580s, preferably a Sennheiser brand, but i'm open to suggestions.
Other preferences : full-sized circumaural, comfortable for long use, wired, oval shaped cups (easier to use while i'm laying down in bed watching movies).
I don't want to buy a separate amp, the SBZx has an onboard 600 Ohm headphone amp and this was plenty powerful to drive the X1s (volume in windows was set to max 25% and in games even less).
I am not saying my headphones can't sound even better with a dedicated amp, it's just not something i want to invest in extra.

I am certainly no audiophile per se but gaming and movie sound and music have always been very important to me and i do always strive to reach a good balance between budget and quality.
Primary use would be FPS-gaming like CSGO, BF, Quake etc but i also play a lot of sci-fi and fantasy games with great cinematic soundtracks like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dead Space, WoW etc.
Secondary use would be movie-watching through the headphone out port of my Panasonic TX-P50ST50, also lots of fantasy and sci-fi there.

My budget would be around 250-300 USD max, but it doesn't have to reach that of course.
I am currently leaning towards the HD-598 which is 162 euro via

Thanks on any advice/tips/tricks/rants,
appreciate all of them.


the sennheiser hd598 is definitely a nice pair of headphones.

also worth mentioning are the beyerdynamic dt880pro (semi-open, round earcups) and dt990pro 250 (open, oval earcups)

another good pair is the akg k701 (round earcups).

same with the audiotechnica ad700 (round earcups)


due to your "oval earcup" requirements the only good alternative i can think of is the dt990 pro. the 250ohm is within budget and a nice pair. i've heard that beyers are very comfortable. you can read a review here


Oct 21, 2011
Thanks for the info.

I ordered the HD-598 via
Can send them back within 30 days if i want to.
If i'm not content with them, i will use your list to research those models.

Gracias amigo..


Oct 21, 2011
Received the 598s and tested them for a day.

First thing i noticed is the build quality; definitely a notch down from the HD-580s but still OK.
Soundwise, i love them.
The sound signature for games, movies and music for me personnally is very balanced and cinematic.
Bass very clear, no distortio.
Good positional audio in CS:GO
Army of Darkness OST sounds fantastic.
Sound level in Windows still only at 20%, the onboard SBZx 600 Ohm amp is a bit overpowered for low impedance cans (these are 50 Ohm).

For the money a very good buy imo.

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