Recommend software for Backup to remote PC


Apr 3, 2017
I would like to ask you about your experience or recomendation of backup software. I would like to backup to a remote PC (a PC of my family members in a different location in the city). These are my requirements:

    I will do offline backup at the beginning as it is a lot of data ~4TB and then I would like to do differential backups (only the new/modified stuff will be backed up)

    The operating system on both PC will be windows 7/windows 10

    The backup shedule would be configurable both time/bandwidth

Could you recommend me a software (preferably free) that could cover my needs?

You will need an FTP server running on the machine you are wanting to back up to.

Big problem with FTP is that it is completely insecure, i do not recomend you transmitting your data this way.

If you have halfway decent router at guest location the best free option is:
Setup VPN server on remote computer's router.
Have Macrium reflect free and syncback free on pc you want to backup.
Let macrium run differntial backup on system and save to another drive or partition.
Schedule PC to initiate VPN connection to remote network
Schedule syncback to copy data to network share on remote network
Schedule PC to close VPN connection after say 1 hour

If you dont have a router capable of creating a VPN server at the remote location then you should pay the $30 for syncback SE which will handle SFTP.
Then you can setup your SFTP server (I like filezilla) on remote computer
Still use macrium to run differential backup
Have syncback connect to SFTP server and copy backup to remote computer
There is not a free software that can do differential backups to a pc not on your WAN.

You will need to 2 stage it.
You can use marcrium reflect free to create a disk image of the new stuff.

As far as making the remote connection you will either have to use FTP or VPN.
Depending on connection speed the initial 4TB backup is unreasonable, if you both had a syncronious 1gbps connection (so 1gbps per second both download and upload), it would take an hour to copy 4TB, 10 hours for 100mbps and so on).

To perform a remote backup you will either have to use VPN or FTP connection.
For VPN you could use scheduled tasks to run script to start and stop the VPN connection, although the easiset way to do it is to spend $30 on Syncback SE which will allow you to either connect to FTPS/SFTP server or have percise start and stop scripts to setup the VPN connection.


Apr 3, 2017

Thank you for the ideas. What do you think about this solution:

I will have to run FTP on the remote PC and execute periodicaly winscp script to synchronize with the remote folder.

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