Question Recording from SKY+HD to DVD

Feb 12, 2020
I'm new to this site
I am trying to copy recorded programmes from SKY+HD to DVD recorder. Set up as follows:
DVD recorder - LG DVB-T model No. DRT 389H
Scart lead from Sky box to AV2 scart on DVD recorder.
HDMI from DVD to TV (HDM3 socket)
I can play a SKY recorded program and record the image to DVD but there is very poor sound. The volume has to be turned up high and the audio is barely audible and with very high white noise.
I have changed the Scart and HDMI leads but the result is the same.
I can record a Freeview programmes from the TV to the DVD without any problem.
If I play SKY through the DVD player/recorder to the TV rather than from SKY to TV the same problem occurs, i.e. picture but no sound.
I have checked online for solutions but I am following the instructions that I have found so I am now at a loss as to what to do.
If anyone has any solutions, please will you advise me what to do?
Thank you.
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