Recover corrupt SD


Jul 9, 2013
Hi, my Tablet has 2 Internal Storages however one of them no longer shows up and it wont load the data from it either.
I will explain how this happened: I plugged my tablet into a friends MAC and he gave me some pictures (I put them on my external SD). After it was finished I just unplugged my Tablet, his MAC gave a message saying a device was unplugged unproperly.

After I then started my Tablet it would no longer load on the Internal Storages, it's like all the DATA on them is gone. I think I can debug it by using a feature in my Tablet called Developer Options/USB Debugging Mode but I need to get my DATA back which was on this Internal Storage.
Is there a way to recover it without losing all my DATA on it ?

Any help is appreciated, I don't want to lose that DATA.