Red/green audio cables to single 3.5mm jack?


Sep 3, 2014
I have the Turtle Beaches Z2 for PC. I got this for my brother, who has a singular 3.5mm jack, so he could use it as a gaming headset, using this as a mic AND game sound. Is there any kind of cable/anti-splitter that can take both the green and red jacks in and make a single 3.5mm jack? And will this let him still use the Microphone and Sound? A link to a product would be most appreciated.
P.S. I have googled "1 male to 2 female audio cable", but the red/green have prongs on them, rather than holes.

Summary: A way to take in the Red + Green mic/sound jacks and put OUT the single 3.5mm jack into a laptop, letting the mic be used and the sound be played.