Red+White to Black, Or Green to Green composite cable?


Jan 26, 2012
I just got a new speaker system that has both a single auxiliary cable output and a white+red composite cable. Does one get better sound than the other? If so, are certain brands of cables better than other? For example... Will my 5 dollar composite cable work just as well as everything else? Thank you!


Feb 21, 2012
The 3.5mm auxiliary cable is a TRS, tip-ring-sleeve connector, which provides stereo in\output- RCA connecters are stereo as well. You won't notice any difference in sound quality between the two. The 3.5mm cables are on the whole cheaper. You could even get a Y-cable, with RCA on one end and a 3.5 connector on the other. Stereo makers usually are nice and provide multiple-out standards.
Your 5 dollar cable will perform perfectly :D
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