Removing the Recovery Partition a Windows tablet

D de Lancey

Jul 13, 2015
I have a 16gb Windows 8 tablet and I would like to remove the recovery partition to save space (as you know 16gb on windows is impossibly difficult to manage)

I have followed all other help that I can find online which usually relates to creating a windows recovery USB using the built in windows recovery tool, and at the end of that process there is supposed to be an option to delete the originally recovery partition. I get no such option.

In addition disk manager provides no option for editing that partition other then 'Help'

Now I have a third party utilitiy which I can use to repartition from a boot manager, however it is at this point that I am hesitant to proceed.

How vitally important is the recovery partition? If I remove it in this way am I in any danger of completely destroying my machine. I really need the space but I don't want to brick this tablet.


The recovery partition is only for restoring the tablet if you need to refresh it for some reason. Strange thing is is that windows 8.1 and windows 10 already have this feature built into them. So the recovery partition is kinda useless.

My best advice would be too do a complete clean installation of windows 8 on that tablet, that way you can delete the recovery partition and get a clean install of windows. Doing it any other way will most likely give you problems.