Feb 8, 2016
i have a toshiba satelite pro laptop, with windows 10 installed. The laptop has been stuck on a 'preparing automatic repair' mode for almost 2 days now. it then comes up with a sc reen saying it is diagnosing my PC only for it to not work. It then gives me options such as continue to windows 10, restart and troubleshoot. i have tried all 3 and none work at all, it just does the same loop again. I have also unplugged the hard drive and re plugged it back in, taken the battery pack out and these have both done nothing, it still continues on the loop. I really don't want to erase everything off my hard drive because everything I need is on there. HELP


(This might work, but I really doubt it will, but it's worth a shot.) Try updating the BIOS on your laptop.

If that doesn't work, then your only option is to plug the laptop HDD into another PC, grab all your important info off of the drive and reinstall windows on that HDD (once you've installed it back into the laptop).


Apr 20, 2012
If you have the install DVD or USB drive:

1.Connect the installation media you created to your nonfunctional PC, and then turn it on.

2. On the initial setup screen, enter your language and other preferences, and then select Next. If you're not seeing the setup screen, your PC might not be set up to boot from a drive. Check your PC manufacturer's website for info on how to change your PC's boot order, and then try again.

3. Select Repair your computer.

4. On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot. From there, you can:

Restore from a system restore point by selecting Advanced options > System Restore. This will remove recently installed apps, drivers, and updates that might be causing your PC problems. Restoring from a restore point won’t affect your personal files.

Select Reset this PC to reinstall Windows 10. This will remove apps and drivers you installed and changes you made to settings, but lets you choose to keep or remove your personal files.
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