Question Replaced Laptop Screen and it doesn't work Asus Rogue Strix GL703V

Oct 2, 2023
Hi, so I am having the same problem as this person had a few years ago. According to your response I am plug into an external monitor now and I can see my laptop contents. When I power on all of my keyboard lights are on including the power button. Can you tell me what the problem is. The only difference is my previous laptop screen had lines in it and if I tapped it, they would go away. I thought something was wrong with the screen, so we replaced it, but the new one didn't work at all. we bought the screen flex cable and replaced it, and it still didn't work. We also tried putting the old screen back in and it doesn't work anymore just like the other post mentioned. I have included the previous persons problem.

I replaced my laptop screen 4 months ago and recently had an issue with it flickering when it's tilted in certain positions. Forums I read say its most likely an issue with the connector. I replaced it with the new cable and now my screen doesn't turn on at all. I tried again with the original connector and that doesn't work now either. What could have caused it to go off completely? And is the issue no longer with the cable?

The connectors are fragile and could have been damaged. There are also ESD sensitive components in the display as well as on the motherboard. If you did the work without taking ESD precautions, you may have zapped something. ESD is something nearly all youtube videos neglect but all manufacturers pay a lot of attention to it.

Plug in an external monitor and see it that works. Also note if the drive LED (if there is one) flashes when you start up. Is the power light coming on?