Question Replacement for old wall mounted switches

Jun 3, 2022

I have 2 old Leviton Surface Mount Single-Pole Switch next to each other that control lights above the sink (LED ceiling lights) and inside a cabinet right in front of the sink. I have 2 sets of wire conected to the switches. These wires are visible (a feet long). The switches are installed on the side of the right cabinet very close to the lights.

I would like to replace these old switch with something that can dim for one of the switch and just a simple on/off for the other one. I was reviewing the lutron caseta (for dimmer) and aqara switch, both with no neutral since my house does not have those going to the switches.

I was thinking having those in a wall mounted box (2 gang) but the box need to be more than 2 inches deep which i think would be a bit too bulky and not very nice to see.

my goal is to replace the old switch with smart switches that i can control through home assistant and echo4

What would you guys do in this case ?

thanks much !
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