Replacing P8400 With T9400 on Lenovo T400

Mar 17, 2018
Hi everyone.

So I have a lenovo t400 and it has been laying around for a while and I wanted to bring it back to life.

It had 2 gb ram which I already upgraded to 4gb (i also had laying around)

Now, the processor is C2D P8400. I searched for the BEST: price to performance ratio (I am cheap lol) and on ebay, I found a C2D T9400 for 7$ CDN. (Canadian things cost a lot more than USD lol)

My chipset is Intel GM45
My motherboard is Lenovo 6475GB3???? (Thats what it says in CPU-Z)

My main question was, will the T9400 fit and replace my P8400? I am doing this because i get a clock speed boost and double the cache.

(Please dont tell me to buy anything else like T9600. I did most of my research and I don't have a lot of money to throw around. Just please answer my simple question above.)




I will answer that with a quote from above "... Just please answer my simple question above."

I have yet to see the day when a manufacturer, specially Lenovo will admit that we can upgrade the CPU in a laptop
I upgraded the T400 from a P8400 to T9600 with no issues. I didn't expend a dime, since I pulled from a dead unit.
If I had the chance I will do it all over gain, specially if it cost just $7 CAD.
By the way don't try the T9500 it won't boot




Yes it will fit, and it will work.
The T400 might get a little bit warmer when running at full load. Make sure to clean the fan, removing all the dust and grime. Also clean the CPU and heatsink very well before applying thermal paste.
Use a nice thermal paste, nothing fancy... ARCTIC MX-4 will do just fine.


Deleted member 217926

I have an old T400 also with a P8400 and 4GB of RAM. It also came with an old first gen Samsung SSD that's so old it doesn't even support TRIM. It's fine for basic browsing but I wouldn't even try to upgrade the CPU. The performance difference between the 2 will not be noticeable. Putting a cheap ~ 120GB SSD in it if it doesn't have one will be a huge, noticeable improvement though.

Also I'd have to see something from Lenovo saying that particular motherboard BIOS supports a different CPU. I don't see that it does. Perhaps the above poster can provide a citation?
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